Monday, March 4, 2013

The Gift--By A. Michele Leslie--United States

The Gift

One dark night a candle
barely lit because of storms
melted nonetheless until
its wick had lost its form.

The Child came (in some dismay)
and took the wick away.
Yet, to my surprise, a light
still shined till night was day.

I sat down to make a note
(for miracles are rare here)
and He grew a little coat
and He launched a little boat

and He lifted one small hand
(making light of cold and land).
Some dared not to touch His sandal.
(One blessed night, I lost a candle!)

A. Michele Leslie is a poet and playwright who lives in Minneapolis with her husband, David, and two cats.


  1. A gift indeed! Nice flow to this great visual. Enjoyable reading...


  2. Delightful! More people must read your work! Thanks for the share, ralph.

  3. Dear Michele,

    Thanks for this poem of hope. I love your gentle touch in form and meaning.