Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gratitude--By George L. Ellison--England


Gratitude is free for all
Please and thank you make you humble
To some it comes so natural
But others only mutter and mumble

It costs nothing to be polite
When good turns and presents come our way
So why not show another your delight
With your gratitude to them you pay

It really makes it so worthwhile
When gratitude they return
You say to yourself, “I’ll go the extra mile!”
As you feel pleasure and inside you’re so warm

So always say please and thank you
Whatever the time of year; in whatever mood
Then someone will give what you feel is due
They’ll show their humble gratitude

George L. Ellison is a writer of poetry and  short stories. He as published two books called Poetic Reminiscences and Weaving Words.  George lives with his wife and dogs in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham in England. He is a member of The Writers and Poetry Alliance. He is currently working on his new project as well as learning to play the saxophone at the Sage Gateshead!


  1. It never hurts to say a pleasantry to a waitress, or the one that brings the mail or the jogger that is passing you on the sidewalk. When I was hospitalized for something I thanked the one who served me my meals and added say thanks to the cook the meal was great. I never knew what a response I received. Suddenly I had an extra piece of toast, sugar and cream for my coffee, two cookies and an extra juice with my meals. So I agree with this delightful poem! Love Jane

  2. True.l couldn`t agree with you more.We take words of gratitude for granted, as something we can easily forego and "save" our precious breath ,energy and time and move on with life. In our selfish way, we say:they have given us something or done us a favour, why should we express gratitude if that gratitude won`t make the giver richer? We miss it big time.
    People tend to underestimate the amazing power of the two little words:thank you. Let me be practical here, and say: thank you for writing a beautiful peice, a poem that can mend relationships and make this world a better place to live in. THANK YOU!!! Yes, l can see some faces beaming with smiles because of those two little wonderful words.

  3. Hi George, there are many ways to say thank you. Some people hug you; others send flowers. It doesn't matter how we say it, gratitude should be expressed for all acts of kindness. It does upset some folks in the U.S. because we are on the front line of relief for any country's disaster, friend or foe. When Hurricane Katrina hit, however, only England, Canada and Australia provided aid. You hit the nail on the head with this remarkable poem. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  4. Hi George,

    I so agree with your poem it seems to some it has become a forgotten art. It can make someone's day if you remember those two little words and put a smile on someone's face when maybe they aren't having a good day. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of that.