Monday, August 5, 2013

Magic at the Mall--By Isha Wagner--New Zealand

Magic at the Mall

I want to kneel in adoration
as the music drifts through the mall
An old refrain I know so well
Have not heard in years

I hear it anew : my brain infused
A sense of wonder engulfing
Floating not walking across
the cream tiles, unsmiling faces
Hurrying by clutching plastic bags
Musical notes so subtle
Haunting beyond words

You need to listen carefully
To catch the melodious tones
Crowded over by whirring escalators
Stepping feet, playful children

Realisation how the mind craves
Obstacles to invoke a surge of bliss

Clarity stays simmering.

Isha Wagner is a New Zealand poet. She has resided in many countries including Iceland, Libya, India, and Australia.  She read some of her work at the VIII International Poetry Festival held in Granada, Nicaragua, in February 2012. She has had three collections of poetry published.


  1. Isha, I too seem to go into a trance when listening to the background music in stores. I read somewhere that this is done intentionally to keep people shopping longer. Love the way you described "floating, not walking" as the "music drifts." Nice observation of the music we can hear, but often tune out. Nicely done! Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  2. The magic of Muzac holds most of us at some time, Isha...loved the feel of your poem and the visions of the busy shopping centre.

    Jan x

  3. Dearest Isha -

    Realisation how the mind craves
    Obstacles to invoke a surge of bliss

    What a wonderful two lines. Inspired.