Friday, August 30, 2013

Natural memories--By Anna-Marie Docherty--Wales

Natural memories

Count the days in the garden.
Let love bloom all around.
Recognize the peace,
there is harmony in the sky.
With each and every leaf or bud -
new breath, a miracle.
Make memories unforgettable,
garnish them with thoughtful floral fragrance.
Add that loving laughter, those smiles.
Create that sense of magic,
and cherish natures dance.

Anna-Marie Docherty lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK and is often inspired by nature and the world around her. Having been writing poetry now for 4 - 5 years, her works have developed in structure and form as well as using free verse in her writing as she walks this endless art form and creativity in her thirst to further learn. Letting the pen and the muse dictate topic and form both humour, religion, nature or the serious subject might be touched upon therefore keeping the writing fresh and easy to read by those who follow. Writing both as given name above and pen name anaisnais through the net, examples of poems can be found both in Snippets, an anthology of short verse by various international poets, compiled by Karen O'Leary and Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson; also Pink Panther magazine, an anthology written by several poets and artists on feminist issues in our environment and various poems on the internet for taster.


  1. Dear Anna-Marie, I love the way you describe the beauty of nature. It does seem miraculous, doesn't it? Nature provides so much inspiration for poets. My favorite lines were: "Recognize the peace, there is harmony in the sky." I just wish everyone would FEEL this harmony and be kind to others. If this did happen, I believe wars would end. What a beautiful poem! Love, Carolyn Devonshire

    1. Thankyou Carolyn, so good to see you here... Oh the testy plight of life dangling on a string at the dance of the puppeteer forever concerns me. These continuous wars are testing times for so many and serve as continuous reminder to those already suffering. Going to have to restrain myself of my thoughts on current affairs or else end up on a pedestal here. Must catch up properly by email as time allows - been a while... Thanks for your kindness of commenting, hugs, Anna-Marie.

  2. Dear Anna-Marie

    A beautifully written poem and inspiring write to read tonight wonderful work and keep writing.


    1. Thanks ~Sandra, so glad you cam by and enjoyed. Always good to see you and here your feedback!

  3. Thankyou for your visit and encouraging comments/thoughts Sandra. Much appreciated!

  4. Dear Anna-Marie,

    Thank you for your kind words for other writers today and for sharing your wonderful poem for Whispers. It's talented and encouraging people like you that make this community possible. Blessings to you.


    1. Thank you Karen you are too kind, it is down to you and your talents that we have a place to share. May Whispers continue to flourish and then some! Kindest thoughts always...