Saturday, October 29, 2016

Poetry-Speak Football--By Gerald A. McBreen and Brendan McBreen--United States


Poetry-Speak Football

By Gerald A. McBreen and Brendan McBreen

Are you ready for some football-speak poetry?

I’m meaning mixing definitions.  Hitting the goal post head on without a
helmet.  Producing a kind of poetic license interpretation.  The cracked egg after affect would look like this.

Quarterback sneak:  Someone who reads at an open mic first and then slips
away without hearing anyone else.

False start:  A detailed explanation of the poem about to be read.

Two-minute warning:  A contest judge sitting in the front row, peeking at his
watch in full view of the poet.

Touch back:  When someone uses a line from your poem and gives you

Blocking:  Talking in a loud voice while someone else is reading.

Bench warmer:  A poet who shows up but doesn’t read at an open mic.

Instant replay:  Your poem is so well received you are asked to read it again.

Fumble:  Reciting without notes and forgetting the lines.

Touchdown:  When you get a chapbook published.

Forward pass:  Using poetry readings as a dating service.

Pass interference:  When someone’s cell phone goes off during a reading.

Illegal motion:  See quarterback sneak.

Extra point:  What you receive when you are asked to be a featured reader.

(First published in Northern Stars in 2012)


  1. George and Brendan,
    I don't follow football but I loved this poem as it ha sense of poetic charm.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  2. This is fantastic. Loved it. It is spot on. Congratulations and welcome George and Brendan. I am thinking of taking this poem to the next open mic. How inviting to read something new like this.

    1. Dear Mary Jo,

      I see you are giving Gerald and Brendan an "instant replay" opportunity. Poetry is meant to be shared. Knowing Gerald, he will be honored that you are considering sharing this poem at your next open mic. Thank you for stopping by with these words of encouragement.


  3. Dear Gerald and Brendan,

    I'm so happy to see this poem is already a touch down! Welcome to Whispers Brendan. I hope you continue to share your gift of words like your father. Congratulations both of you and thank you for sharing your gift of words.


  4. I enjoyed this compelling, creative and humorous poem. Well done!

  5. One does not need to be a football expert to be able to take pleasure from these witty lines; I really enjoyed them! Well done to both of you! Regards // paul

  6. Dear Gerald and Brendan,
    As a fan of most major sports I relate to your debut collaboration. This is fresh and captivating. Please kick a field goal from 50 yards out by sending your Whispers' fan base another poem.
    with high regard,

  7. Being a football fan, I found your poem cute and enjoyable and look forward to more.

  8. Welcome to Whispers, Brendan! Thank you and your dad for sharing this delightful, fun-filled, poetic-twist on football. I enjoyed it very much. Continued blessings to you both!

    -MJ (