Monday, August 25, 2014

Evergreen of Faith--By Kevin Bates--United States

Evergreen of Faith

I stand before you an evergreen of faith;
never seasonal in faith, yet year round.
Deeply rooted I am my foundation strong.

There will be test, offers from those of evil;
setbacks as I grow & learn the Lord’s word.
Every leaf that falls there’s more to replace it.

Standing tall and erect forever reaching out.
Glorious colors of faith are never changing,
proud of who I am the way the Lord shapes me.

Fresh pine needles to irritate those that oppose,
never easy to brake those walking in true faith.
Forever my colors, love and gratitude for the Lord.

Kevin Bates is an avid reader. You will find him reading everyday books of non-fiction or poetry online. He loves family, sports, reading and writing poetry. He has one handsome son and grandson. He hopes to one day be published, bring a smile, and help many through his poetry. He lives outside Houston, Texas and can find him reading or writing right now.


  1. Nice poem, Kevin. I never tire of great reads like this. Good description. Thanks for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. Dear Kevin,
    Truly, faith is not a seasonal thing, though judging from mass attendance on Christmas and Easter one might think otherwise.

    True believers have God in their hearts year round. So happy to know you are an "evergreen."

    Thank you for the football footle. It will be posted here with others in September.

    Love and blessings year round,

  3. Hi, Kevin - your usage of "tree" in this awesome and tremendous metaphor is very touching and spiritually based! Beautifully done! Sheri

  4. Kevin, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. This is a very well written poem and I love your faith that has no season. Spiritually speaking you are a tall tree among trees.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.