Saturday, August 16, 2014

the color of august--by jani johe webster--(In Memory-May 2013)--United States

the color of august

what is the color of august
you ask me
what is the sound
of a shadow
and how do you say
a hope

can you see time
in a dream

i am looking you said
for a gentle
unhurried place

you said


i'll find it

Thoughts from jani johe’s daughter, Nila Webster--"I remember when jani johe webster, my beloved mother, got the idea for this poem, over 30 years ago. We were in the kitchen; she was ironing and I was drawing a calendar for her, and I asked her what color August was. She took my question and turned it into a poem. This was her gift, and a gift she gives still and always."


  1. To me, your poem is exceptionally creative and at one time I was very pensive about August and what follows........ lol! It is indeed an "unhurried" month which makes it seem all the more hurried in the reality. Your poem is love, Jani, and your thoughts expressed bonding you and your Mother are very touching. Sheri /

  2. Nila, I have to thank you once again for sharing one of your mom's, jani, poems. Her style is so unique and her words are solid power; power to reach out and grab the reader and make him or her stand in amazement. Such a great writer and I'm sure an even better person. Thank you for carrying on her work and continued blessings for all you do in His name!

    -MJ (

  3. love do you say a hope...wonderful

  4. Nila, I loved the poem by your mother and what a sweet tribute to her you have written. An amazing write and thank you for sharing.
    Love, Charlene