Friday, August 15, 2014

Lost Love's Dream Shadow--By Robert Lindley--United States

Lost Love's Dream Shadow

Deep within a sunlit drop of refreshing rain
I saw a glimpse of her beautiful face again
Dreams flow past as swift mountain streams
she haunts me lovingly in midnight dreams

Outside my window the great moon dares to sink
more time, more time is all I can think
She appears all the more real in her golden gown
as the great moon glides slowly slipping down

I feel earth trembling deeply into night
nothing feels better, nothing feels so right
Her voice whispers from shadows all around
smiles so deep that it echoes in loving sound

As dawn flees upward to meet the newborn day
I hear her parting, caressing voice softly say
Dreams can not stay, they must go on past
our loves are forever and forever they last......

Robert Lindley is poet from the Southern USA. He has been writing poetry since 1969. Robert writes with the intent to offer others words to enjoy and with high hopes he may inspire and brighten lives in some way.


  1. Robert, all I can say is, WOW! Sheri /

  2. Thank you, David Austin, for the following--

    He has succeeded in comforting me nicely.

  3. Robert as always your romantic poems touch my heart. Thank you for sharing another beautiful write.

  4. Dear Robert,

    So many things can evoke memories of those we've loved and lost. Although the physical connection to these people has gone, the imprints they left on our hearts remain with us always.

    A very moving poem to which many readers can relate.


  5. Robert,

    Enjoyed reading your work today..The moon of the night imparted some great truths to your gifted poet pen..I am glad that I chose this one to read today..


  6. Robert, thank you for sharing "Lost Love's Dream Shadow." I thoroughly enjoyed its loving, sentimental meaning and message. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (