Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turning--By Molly Moore--United States


On this sizzling August day
Leaves are already turning
But a vague melancholia wants summer to stay
As tinges of red ignite old yearning...

Memories of hopes and loves long past
Which I can no longer retrieve
Nostalgic shadows just beyond my grasp
Enticing me while they deceive.

The turning seasons can seem so cruel -
Of my backward gazing they have no need.
From time immemorial they're bent on renewal,
Now scolding my spirit to take heed.

Best turn and greet September's face
She's waiting just beyond the bend
Painting the leaves of a new time and place
I'll welcome what intrigues she may send.

Claiming Hawaii as her true home, Molly Moore is currently residing in Seattle, Washington, pursuing a nursing degree. Perhaps her previous career as an international flight attendant is what launched Molly’s "flights of fancy" into poetry. A love of rhythm and rhyme sparks her creative side, especially while outdoors in nature.


  1. A captivating poem here, Molly, one that had me one the edge of my seat, rationalizing toward the positive, hoping for a reprieve... I can relate to this on many levels, but I don't have to go so far into the past.

  2. A beautiful and thoughtful poem and well worded. I enjoyed it very much. Will be watching for more

  3. Dear Molly,

    It is good to see you already have two comments on your wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing it. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best wishes,

  4. Love how you define the 'seasons' of life here and the imagery, of course, is awesome, too, giving autumn a "gender" - good poem, touching poem and well expressed! Sheri

  5. Welcome to Whispers Molly. I sure did enjoy your poem and indeed a vague melancholia wants summer to stay. Thank you for explaining my unexplained feeling about the changing of the season too soon for my liking. It means winter is just around the corner and that is not my favorite time of year. But like you I will try hard to welcome what intrigues she may send. Thanks for sharing with us your talent.
    Love, Charlene

    1. Wonderful Molly, Although I'd love summer to stay a bit longer, I go with the
      flow as seasons change--nice imagery!

  6. Welcome to Whispers, Molly, and what a wonderful poem to make your introduction. Well-written and full of pictures of a very dear time of season for me. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  7. Hi Molly! Enjoyed this lovely seasonal write; we look forward to our favourite seasons and when it's time for them to leave we feel sad; but all the other seasons have something nice to offer...that's the beautiful thing about nature!

  8. Dear Molly,

    Welcome to Whisper's. I love Summer and always wish it would stick around a little longer. I have to say that Fall is my favorite season but I find that too short as well as I love the changing colors of the leaves and memories as you describe so well here.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Sandra Stefanowich

  9. I enjoyed your lovely poem as Autumn makes her approach. I wish the colorful leaves could remain a bit longer because they are breathtaking. So nice to read your poetry here Molly. Blessings, Connie