Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Cottage there by the Willows--By Keith Hunt--Canada

A Cottage there by the Willows

By the willows,
   where the sun shone gazing,
   streaming through arbors hazed,
And apple-cider scents were fermenting,
   by a pasture where the tree-people play ----
   sits a cottage by the bay

Where the willows weep long to seeking love,
   and sway they through will-o-wisps above,
Every evening the mountains moan with mists,
   with rainbows upon their darkling tips;
   polka-dot rocks along the path....
   and always butterfly's about the saplings,
   red earth rich from summer moons....
   (a cottage there by the willows)

Keith O. J. Hunt is a Classic-Romantic poet who generally prefers the older styles which he finds the greatest way to express his thoughts. He loves people, nature, spirituality and all things beautiful. Keith lives in Ottawa, Canada and has been writing poetry for 15 yrs.


  1. You certainly hit it out, of the park, Keith, with this fine poem. Good show, Sir.

  2. I love willow trees, and this cottage is certainly just what I need. I really enjoyed reading this masterful poem here this evening. You have shown great emotion with this piece, keep up the awesome poetry! Great work,


  3. This poem has such a peaceful feeling to it, it left me feeling so serene! I thank you for that momentary departure from life's present strife. Aloha, Connie