Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Relationship Destined--By Frances Simwinga--Malawi

Relationship Destined

We; torn between names--lovers, friends--,
bonded by silence, of tied tongues,
sustained by imagination, of you and me,
wallowing in oceans of love, leaping forward
for a ship, to set sail our relationship,
to a destination unknown; despised by
on-lookers as cheap, like oblivious to them,
we sing, it's sweeter than fried potato chips,
as we roll in love--calling on each
other, when one is falling, forgiving our
wrongs, and forging ahead with our strengths.

Frances Simwinga writes poetry that springs from wells of life experiences that he stumbles into, over space and time, crisscrossing a variety of themes.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this intriguing yet loveable poem. You have a very significant and glorious mind. What a tremendous piece, so honorable and true. Great work.

  2. I enjoyed reading this piece Frances.

  3. I really enjoyed this poem, its varying themes, and the way you tied it up at the closing.

  4. Frances,
    I really liked the this piece of inspiring verse Your work transcends barriers. This is what I love most about this site, I can read and enjoy those in faraway land, as well as those close to home.

  5. A beautiful metaphoric love story Frances. I loved your line...leaping forward
    for a ship, to set sail our relationship. Brilliant! Aloha, Connie