Saturday, June 27, 2015

authentic life...--By Sara R. Vogler--United States

authentic life i lead,
where courage is reclaimed,
and souls are reborn.

travels are made now,
And will be remembered when the night crawls in a mind.

nothing else will stay,
for the memories will hold fast.

constant light bring me fire
i desire,
for it is now that i charge the strong waves,
i never fear,
for new strength is upon me.

i am ready.

Sara R. Vogler is a published poet and writer, originally from Krakow, Poland. Currently living in Washington, DC, her work has ranged from poetry to critical essays. Recently, she has collaborated with her father on a three-piece book featuring work to honor their past. Vogler finds comfort in knowing that her words will someday make a lasting impression on someone's life.


  1. This is a brilliant write. I really enjoyed reading this illustrious poem here this evening. You sure know how to pinpoint the emotion within your piece. Great work,


  2. beautiful sentiments here indeed

  3. Wonderfully written Sara! Aloha, Connie