Friday, June 26, 2015

An Old Soldier--By Celine Rose Mariotti--United States

An Old Soldier

You’re an old soldier, Dad,
You’re an Infantryman,
You’ve been overseas,
In a foreign land,

You’re an old soldier, Dad,
You carry on through thick and thin,
You love your family,
You are always there for all of us,

You’re an old soldier, Dad,
You looked the enemy in the eye,
You were wounded in combat,
You’ve got that Purple Heart,

You’re an old soldier Dad,
You worked hard all your life,
You dealt with the ups and downs,
Your faith always keeps you strong,

You’re an old soldier, Dad,
Marching on
You’re a real trooper!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

I wrote this poem for my Dad, Peter J. Mariotti. He loved this poem. He was proud of his service to his country during the Korean War and was a Purple Heart Veteran. My Dad passed away on May 9, 2011. We miss him dearly.

Celine Rose Mariotti is an accomplished writer whose work has appeared in magazines all over the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and India. Some of those magazines include: Green’s Magazine, Poet’s Review, Poet’s Art, Tombigbee, Hindu Young World, Magnolia Quarterly, Lone Stars Magazine, Pablo Lennis, Coffee Ground Breakfast, Pink Chameleon and many more. She has had six books published. She plays the guitar and banjo; has her own home business and lives with her family in Shelton,CT.


  1. What a lovely tribute to you dad, I am sure you still miss him dearly. My dad sounds much the same as yours, and he also is greatly missed. Best, Peggy

  2. I love my father too. I'm lucky that mine is still alive. Your poem was striking and awe-inspiring. I really enjoyed reading this very enjoyable write this evening! what a grand piece, Great work,


  3. Celine,
    I loved this tribute to your father. I am glad to see you still being mentioned in my magazine, even though you don't submit anymore. I realize prices have gone way high, but that is mainly due to having to photocopy the issues at Staples. I an include a review in of your story , "I have a friend on Jupiter" in October's issue (there is no more ad space in this issue), provided you pay the $7 fee I can totally understand if you decide not to. Believe it or not I am not making a profit on my magazine

  4. Thank you, Celine, for the following--

    "Thank you to everyone who wrote me a comment about my poem "An Old Soldier". I'm going to include it in a new poetry book I'm putting together called "Red, White and Blue". I appreciate everyone's kind comments. I'm happy to be part of the Whispers family."

    Celine Rose Mariotti

  5. A precious gift any father would appreciate Celine. Congratulations on the endeavor of your new poetry book. Good to know this wonderful poem will be included in it! Aloha, Connie