Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Contemplation--By Jim Teeters--United States


I walk the trail
this morning, my time
to meditate
    imagine, invent things
contemplate my place
    in this vast universe
slugs dotting the trail
ants scrambling their pile
I can write a poem like this

Yet I don't feel superior
    I can't slither along leaving a trail of wetness
    crawl around kindly building with others
and they’re not slithering or scrambling
    for glory or recognition
as I often want to do...
    ...but…well, let me get back to
my imagining, inventing, contemplating
                         my place in
                   this vast universe

Jim Teeters has published poetry in several anthologies. He conducts poetry workshops for children and adults and is active in poetry readings in the Seattle area through the Striped Water Poets. He is the author of six poetry collections and the book, Teach with Style, (ASTD Press July 2013). Jim is a retired social worker living in Kent, Washington.


  1. Loved the imagery in this well written poem. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers.

  2. We all have our place. You make a case that is indisputable, Jim.

  3. Such a fascinating write. I love the twist you implanted into my mind with this illustrious poem. What a grand piece! Great work.

  4. This is wonderful and seems another one I commented on that got lost in cyberspace Jim. This was a great offering! Aloha, Connie