Thursday, June 18, 2015

Evening--By Jan Allison--United Kingdom


sapphire blue velvet punctuated by stars   heavens above 


Jan Allison is a relative newcomer to poetry. She didn’t start writing poetry until her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery at the end of 2013. She wrote her first poem ‘Splendid Isolation’ whilst he was in hospital. Since then has discovered a love of poetry and has written over 500 poems. Jan also wrote collaboratively with her writing partner Darren Watson under the name Jadazzle United.


  1. Beautiful, simple a gorgeous write my friend. It's nice to see you here Jan, and writing such illustrious poetry. I loved reading this piece this evening! Great work.

  2. Jan,
    This is so profound for only one line. Loved it!
    David Fox

  3. This is lovely Jan. Enchanting! Aloha, Connie

  4. Short, but immensely beautiful! Well done, Jan! // paul