Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Crystal Mirrors of Infinite Grace--By Rick Parise--United States

In Crystal Mirrors of Infinite Grace

she kneels in silent vespers her heart lite with hope
'twould be in love of endless tears that joy would consume her soul
in verse she recites scared love that only the great spirit conceives
upon the altar of scattered petals lay wispy visions in dream
within that moment of time reveal fetching and subdued
for without condition gifts rein down in sacred murmurs of truth
In crystal mirrors of infinite grace, a beautiful prayer transcends...

Rick Parise, known as “A Pondering Poet”, is from the beautiful land of Salem, Oregon.  The main focus of his poetry is to take the reader to a meaningful, personal time in their lives, to a place where spirits are touched and memories unwind. He hopes you enjoy his work. To Contact Rick please email him at rapondering@yahoo.com  

1 comment:

  1. Dear Rick,
    With you all the way on the transcendent nature of prayer.Don't we love the Great Spirit who blesses unconditionally?
    Such poems lift my heart.