Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To Isolde - A Gift--By Terry O’Leary--France

To Isolde - A Gift

I give to you the morning sun to dance upon your smile
A flower wild among the stones upon a rocky isle,
A lonely wood with hidden paths where we can walk awhile.

I’ll show you where a rainbow lights upon pale liquid lands
Where dew drops paint, the purple leaves deserted on the sands
On roads of simple wonderment within my trembling hands

I give to you a ragged doll, a puppet on a string,
A ride upon a rocking horse, a swallow on the wing,
A ribbon trailing from your hair, a red or scarlet thing

I’ll lead you from the crazy streets, beyond the circus town,
Beyond the smoky memories, beyond the weeping clown,
Beyond the frozen monodies, beyond the woes that drown

I’ll spin you tales of laughter, yes, of laughter on a spree,
Of laughter restless in the sky, of laughter running free,
Of laughter dancing skipping wildly far beyond the sea

I give to you these careless words, arrayed in broken lines,
Adorned, my love, with tempest winds and teardrop salty brine,
In cups of youthful passion steeped in desolation wine
And promise I’m forever yours... if only you’ll be mine.

Terry O’Leary defines himself as "A physicist lacking gravity..."


  1. Hi, Terry. What a wonderful poem! Just love the end rhyme, especially "the weeping clown." Great images. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done Terry. Always a pleasure to read your rich and flowing words. Keep them coming. All the best Ralph.

  3. Dear Terry,
    Your poem truly is a gift to the Whispers' community.
    Thank you and am anticipating another!

  4. I like this poem. It makes me feel light, lovely, like I have been visited by Isolde.

  5. Terry, this is one of my favorites of your work! It is beautiful and romantic. Simply enchanting! I love it. Bravo! Blessings, Connie