Monday, November 14, 2016

The old lady's wisdom--By Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend)--Netherlands

The old lady's wisdom

Morning dew, wandering through the city
A lonely passenger, trying to clear my head
Suddenly the invigorating scent of coffee
The appetizing aroma of fresh baked bread
A voice, inviting me friendly
Girl, why do you look so sad
Come over and sit down here with me
My coffee is the best you ever had
She smiles, the wrinkled old lady
When you are refreshed and well fed
You will expel your melancholy
And treasure every day's joy instead

Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend) is a Dutch poetess.  She likes hard rock music, photography and fantasy books. Inge is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals. She started to write English poetry four years ago and posted some of her poems on her Facebook page and on her website.


  1. Dear Inge,
    Welcome to Whispers. I enjoyed reading your debut poem.I especially like the line, "come over and sit down here with me." I like the warmth and friendliness of this piece.

  2. Thank you Michael, your words mean a lot te me

  3. Welcome to Whispers Inge. I agree, we need to embrace our seniors and appreciate the wisdom they have to offer. I'm not saying that just because I'm a senior.... I have always felt that way. I enjoyed your poem very much. Aloha, Connie

    1. Dear Connie, So sorry for such a late response. I'm not used that there are reactions at my poems. Here at whispers it's different and I thnk you for your kind comment
      Aloha, Inge

  4. Inge.
    A beautiful poem. It show we should treat everyone the same, regardless of age. As a volunteer for a nursing home for 11 years. I have met and bonded with several older people. Welcome to Whispers and please keep posting.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

    1. Dear David, sorry for the late response. Thank you, for your kind words. I feel at home here at Whispers.
      All the best, Inge

  5. Dear Inge,

    It is good to see people enjoying your poem as I did. As Michael pointed our, your poem has a warmth to it that draws one in. Welcome to Whispers. I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


    1. Thank you so much dear Karen, you know I'm happy I have met you.
      Kind regards, Inge

  6. Inge,

    Welcome to Whispers. Thank you for sharing your warm and tender poem. I enjoyed it very much. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. Dear Maurice, thank you for your comment. So sorry for my late response. I never thought there would be such kind words about my poem. Whispers is a warm, writing family.

      All the best, Inge