Thursday, November 3, 2016

Syllable Sid meets Hagatha Chomp--By George L. Ellison, England and Dena M. Ferrari, United States


Syllable Sid meets Hagatha Chomp

By George L. Ellison and Dena M. Ferrari

In Part One—published on October 26-- 
Syllable Sid goes out on a walk through the woods and comes into contact with Hagatha Chomp when he realizes he has wandered into Muckmire swamp and he is invited to a lunch at the Chew Chomp Inn but this is where Sid finds more than he bargained for !,,,The story continues……..! 

Part Two--

There, there my pet...let go of the nice sweet (slurp) man's arm!
Slobbering with drool, the beast trots towards the front door.
Lays down by the fire, on the earthen swept floor.
Coming into view, more guests are shuffling hardy;
They are the next to arrive, for Hagatha's dinner party!
Sid glances sideways at Hagatha’s beast!  

Now he’s no longer; afraid in the least.
He steps over the threshold, as brave as a lion;
Then he spots the boiling, sickly red Cauldron!
Suddenly, as swarm of fleas launch an attack;
It’s more than Sid can do, to beat them back!
He tries so hard, but knows he isn’t winning:
As the fleas get fatter and his blood starts thinning!  

Hagatha stands there full of glee, as Sid falls to his knees!
"Help me Hagatha", says Sid, "Pretty Please?"
Hagatha is still laughing full of mirth;
Shows her new guests their merry worth!
"Fleas", says she, "flee to the shaggy beast;
Sid is our guest and not for your feast!
Be off you, back into the pot,
Back with the plump ticks and brewed stock"!  

As Sid recovers from his tick shock,
He sees on the wall, a dusty old clock!
With a fierce face and hands like claws,
It’s all Sid can do, not to withdraw!
Hagatha says, "What are you shaking for?"
She clicks her fingers and the room starts to spin;
Then eerie music starts, making quite a din,
Hagatha enjoys the moment and Sid stands tall!

"Welcome, to our Swampy Halloween Party, one and all;
I’m glad that you all arrived everyone let's all have a ball!"


  1. George and Dena,
    An excellent continuation of this poem. I loved it!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

    1. I'm pleased you liked our Halloween poem as David as much as we enjoyed collaborating across the pond putting it together!


  2. George and Dena,
    Your creations are unique.
    I've just experienced my first Swampy Halloween Party.
    Looking forward to more!
    Thank you.

    1. They may be unique Michael but I just hitched my wagon onto Dena's quirky sense of humour with some of my own and this was the result I'm pleased it has gone down so well



  3. Eeeek, Oooie, Gooie and Yike
    What a terribly frightful night.
    Made me shudder and shiver in my shoes
    Thank goodness that it ended with good news. :O

    Good job you two!

    Quite a piece of work you two put together.

    1. We aimed to please in the most frightful of ways Charlene, if it truly had that effect on you then we are both delighted in the outcome as that is exactly what Dena's aim was when she gave permission to post our work on Karen's blog and to widen the fan base of Hagatha and Sid!

      More may well follow but it has yet to be written our other collaborations are of a far more gentle nature!


      George (and Dena)

  4. Congratulations on this second part of your excellent offering, George & Dena! A seamless collaboration!

  5. Thank you for a sequel to the first part--you seem to be having such fun with words and these stories--my husband used to tell these tales to our grandkids and they always begged for more.

  6. George and Dena, a great collaboration from you both. It was very entertaining with some amazing imagery! Aloha, Connie

  7. Love it, George and Dena. Just like part one, part two is a delight. You two are very creative. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (