Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Arthur Rehbein (pseudonym Atz vom Rhyn)—In Memory 1867-1952—Germany

Spring Rejoice

Spring sun – and nature
bloomed in the morning light,
And evening dew still rested
On the grass, fracturing rays.
Laughing, colourful flowering May
And early summer's resplendence -
Will come yet and not ended,
Not even died away in dreams

There is no time for woefulness,
Nice hours rest like a saved treasure
In deepest bottom of the heart.
Gracious are the memories
- The mouth may not be silent -
Forever young, yes, forever young,
Remaining our own

(English Translation by Gert Knop)



Frühlingssonne – die Natur
erblüht im Morgenlicht.
Und sich der Abendtau
noch auf dem Gras
die Strahlen bricht.
Lachend bunter Blütenmai
und frühen Sommers Prangen -
das kommt erst noch, ist nicht vorbei,
auch nicht im Traum vergangen.

Und auch für Wehmut ist kein Platz;
die schönen Stunden
ruh'n wie ein gesparter Schatz
im tiefen Herzens Grunde,
Freundlich auch die Erinnerung
- Da mag der Mund nicht schweigen -
Ewig jung, ja ewig jung
Bleibt sie unser Eigen


Arthur Rehbein, also known under his pseudonym Atz vom Rhyn, was one of Gert Knop’s grandfather's brothers. He was born on October 26, 1867 in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and died on February 29, 1952 in Berlin, Germany. His son Max H. Rehbei was a journalist, TV-editor and producer for the NDR (North German Radio).
Arthur Rehbein was a journalist and author. He did extensive travels around the world and published many books including three volumes of poetry.


(shared and authorized for publication by Gert Knop—a Whispers’ contributor since 2013)


  1. Spring reejoice is a great poem Gert. I loved the words
    Forever young, as to not be slient. Treasured is
    work from relitaves from our past.

    1. Dear Yancy, I appreciated your friendly comment!
      Have a great weekend!

    2. Thanks Gert,
      You have good weekend too

  2. Thank you, Gert,
    Very nice translation, I especially like, "nice hours rest like a saved treasure."

    1. Thank you, dear Michael for your kind words! It is my pleasure to post poems of my great-uncle and I wished that he could read all comments! Gert

  3. beautiful words from your uncle, my friend

    1. Dear Jack, Thanks for your comment, my friend!

  4. Dear Jack, thank you for your comment, my friend and that you liked the poem

  5. Gert,
    What a beautiful tribute to your uncle.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  6. Hi, David,
    I'm glad that you liked this poem! Take care and all the best.