Friday, April 21, 2017

mosaic of dreams and hope--By Jeanette Nel le Roux--South Africa

mosaic of dreams and hope

if restlessness never ceases in the soul
how do we know when the circle of youth is complete -
at what age are we defined as old
old enough to die?

life and love - an exciting epoch
beautiful, like flowers in springtime
but they never last without rain
and weather in storms

endless graveyards are built by man -
some are parthenons for the dead
but what should be erected for those
who are dead but still exist?

let's build a mosaic of dreams and hope
on a pedestal of non-death –
a catharsis - a jubilation
for being alive

Jeanette Nel le Roux lives in the tranquil town of Mossel Bay on the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa since 1990.  She is a real estate agent since 1976, divorced in 2007, has 3 daughters and a son.  Jeanette's home language is Afrikaans, but she writes in both English and Afrikaans.  She has a poetry group on Facebook called "Jeanette Nel le Roux Poetry".  Jeanette seriously started writing poetry when her soulmate died in 2009.  She is published in several poetry books, together with other poets, but she will publish one of her own in the near future.


  1. Dear Jeanette,
    The "Mosaic of dreams and hope" eqnites life back to an old
    age question, "Is death the end of ones life?" I like
    the Idea of non death. Perhaps thats the truth of
    what is.

  2. Dear Jeanette,
    I truly enjoyed your unique treatment of dreams and hope.
    Thank you,

  3. Enjoyed your piece very much, somethign to think about...

  4. Jeanette,
    I enjoyed this very much. Can you recommend some South African/African websites that takes work from Americans?
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

  5. A lovely piece of writing! Well put together. Love it ! Keith,UK.

  6. Jeanette, I love to say "Thank you" when I read something that makes me say "I wish I'd written that!"
    Thank you for "..a jubilation for being alive." That is marvelous poet talk.