Monday, April 10, 2017

Horse Sense--By Richard Carl Subber--United States

Horse Sense

Nothing was changed, really.
The long placid pasture sprawled in the sun.
Horses studded the far slope,
heads down, cropping the wasted offering of autumn time,
all still in the moments of my passing.
A tableau in the periphery on all those other days,
but yesterday I turned and looked far, saw more.
Yesterday I came to my senses.
In those long moments,
I was a lover of horses.

Richard Carl Subber is a freelance editor, a writing coach, and a historian. His first book, Writing Rainbows: Poems for Grown-Ups with 59 new poems, is for sale on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), or free in Kindle Unlimited. Rick’s poetry also has been accepted for publication in The Aurorean, The Australia Times Poetry, miller’s pond, The RavensPerch, Northern Stars, Creative Inspirations, and elsewhere. His website is:    


  1. Good recorded thoughts U.S. Citizen Carl, I like this poem,
    Mostly because "Horse Sense" is my kind of sense, but
    also because it is done in a unique writing style.

  2. I really enjoyed your pastoral snapshot. I love to see horses in a field or anywhere really. Thanks for sharing your talents at Whispers. Best, Suzanne.

  3. Very showing of a feeling. I like horses and this poem too. Barbara

  4. Hi Yancy, Suzanne, and Barbara,
    Many thanks for your kind comments. Like you, I share my poems on Whispers with a strong sense of humility and great joy, we have eyes and hearts around the world sharing the vitality of poetry!

    1. Dear Rick, how quick I am to learn the way you sign your
      name. It is good that we get aquainted as members
      of the Whispers family of sharing and caring.
      Many blessings to you.

  5. Dear Richard,
    I like the way your poem puts into the landscape. Nice job of painting with words.

  6. This is a great piece! I absolutely loved it and the feeling of it, I could see the whole scene. Congratulations!

  7. Hi Michael, Peggy
    Thanks for the encouragement, and of course I recognize your names and your work on Whispers! We all learn from each other!