Monday, April 17, 2017

“You Can"--By Nell Dalton--(In Memory)--United States

“You Can"

In the depth of my despair I cried
"I can't live without my man"
But I look at his beautiful pine trees
And the branches say, "You Can"
Feeling so sad and lonely, I cried
"I can't make it without my man"
But looked up to our beautiful mountain
And the horsehead said, "You Can"
I prayed to our Heavenly Father
"Can I live without my man?"
Then I looked at our wonderful family
And the Father said, "You Can"!

(Published in the San Juan Record, Aug 29, 2007)

Nell Dalton is the beloved mother of Yancy Dalton.  She wrote poetry from his youth till she died.


  1. My Dear exemplary Mother,
    I watched you attend to Dad until he escaped this life boundary.
    You and him struggled and worked hard after you married this rancher. I was born and razed as part of your struggles. Four
    years after you wrote this I was with you when you left mortality
    to join dad. What great parents and example you've been for us
    kids until your last breath.

  2. Yancy,
    I'm so glad Karen has published your mother's marvelous poem. In simple words she conveys a richly textured theme.

    1. Thanks from my mother and me Michael
      You are very kind.

  3. Dear Yancy,

    It has been a special blessing to share your Mother's work with our Whispers community. Thank you so much for making this possible. You are such a bright light at our Whispers community. I look forward to reading more of your Mom's poetry in the months to come.


    1. Thanks Karen,
      I remember writing something I thought was good
      and mother told me the Idea was good, but the
      conveying of it not so good. I believe I still
      struggle at getting the point across. I may
      get better at poetry with mother here
      with us, watching over me. Thanks
      for the help with mothers poems.