Saturday, April 15, 2017

From the Archives—Featuring John W. Williams and Eleanor Michael

Dear Whispers’ Readers,

Our poetry community is blend of many voices, sharing the joy of words.  Today, I would like to honor two talented, award winning writers that do not have computers.  It takes a lot of time to prepare manuscripts for postal submission, yet they continue to grace our journal with their poems.  Both John and Eleanor encourage other writers and have been supporting our online journal since 2013.

As we look to the future, it is important that veteran writers share poetry to help others hone their writing.  Both John and Eleanor use a variety of literary elements as well as artistic visual presentations to convey their thoughts. Congratulations my friends!  It is gift to be able to showcase your delightful poems.


Karen O’Leary—Whispers’ Editor


Nature’s Reflections

By John W. (Bill) Williams

Simple things are miracles.
I hold them up to a mirror
     in praise;
with each reflection
I see the face of Nature…
simple things created
     by the Master’s hand:
like sunshine at the beginning
     of a new day,
     daffodils in spring,
and rainbows after a sudden rain.
Simple things are easy to find:
I see them in the meadows of wildflowers;
I hear them in melodies of birds…
when I reach out to Nature’s Miracles,
     it matters not the season.
I always find perfect and simple gifts…
silent reflections waiting to be discovered.


A Time to Sing

By Eleanor Michael

Too shy to show
     her gift –
her “light,”
     she hid her voice
“under a bushel.”
     She always found
other things
     she needed to do
to help someone.

After a long life
     – too late –
she realized
     her gift was gone.
But she smiled
     when she died.
She heard a voice,
     “Now, you’ll sing
with the angels.”


  1. Thank you for sharing your very sweet sentiments with us. Poetry is indeed a comfort in today's turbulent world.

  2. Thank You for two inspiring poems. We need only to look around there is beauty everywhere.

  3. I agree with JT. Beauty is everywhere. One of the reasons why walking is so important, putting us in touch with the small, daily miracles of life.

  4. Two inspiring poems, "A time to sing", by Eleanor Michael
    and "Nature’s Reflections", by Bill Willams. Both based
    Natures living and giving of love from ones self.
    Thanks for the rembrace of these two writers.

  5. Dear Bill and Eleanor,
    Thank you for these elegant poems both with powerful messages about the simple pleasures of life as well as the ironies that give us pause.

  6. Two poems to muse about, both tell us to appreciate life itself

  7. John and Eleanor,
    Two great poems from two great Poet's Art contributors.
    Your friendly editor,
    David Fox

  8. Dear Friends,

    I am so excited and grateful for you wonderful thoughts. Encouragement is such a great gift to share with others. Congratulations John and Eleanor. It is a joy to see you already have so many lovely thoughts on your poems.

    Blessings always,

  9. Fine pieces, both! Appreciating quiet beauty. A little bit of sadness in how resistance kept her voice from being heard by others in this world.

    ~Douglas S. Malan

  10. These two poems bring me comfort and peace. I love nature because it's God's daily gifts reminding us that all is well with the world around us if we only stay focus on the good things in life.

  11. Enjoyed reading your work..There are many who have such gifts but are put aside which is so sad..Sara