Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nocturnal Flight--By Pam Murray--Canada

Nocturnal Flight

As evening turns its darkened stare on me
And windows seem redolent with the light,
As colours move across a drifting sea,
My soul awakes to its nocturnal flight.

The cold flows on its path. It does not touch
The body left behind to wait for dawn,
That shallow urn of ash that feels too much
The absence of its life force that is gone.

Flying through the velvet ebony
I'm fighting time's advancement to the day
But something calls its siren's song to me
That pulls me back as shadows turn to grey.

Life reaches out its physical demand
And leaves me clutching starlight in my hand.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Pam Murray has been writing poetry since the mid-1960’s.  She was married for over 41 years and has two daughters, a son-in-law, and a grandson.  Pam has been published in a variety of venues.  Her proudest writing accomplishment was a poem she wrote for a United Way fundraiser, which was later framed with a French translation and hung on the wall of the legislature in Ottawa, Canada.  To her, poetry is a transposition of a vision she sees in her mind.  Writing and crocheting are her passions.


  1. Moving word that brings peace to one's heart as they read you. Life is demanding and we must take a step backwards to realize what our life is 'really' all about in the first place. Enjoyable reading...

    Rhoda Galgiani

    1. Thank you Rhoda. I love being out in nature and it inspires me to write. As this shows, I go to sleep with my spirit drifting outward and upward.

  2. Thank you, Jack Clubb, for the following comment--

    This beautiful sonnet is rich in profound meaning. Read it several times to understand it fully.

  3. Hi Pam -

    Oh you represent the best of the heart and the soul of the poet as far as I'm concerned. Hope your computer is up and running. Is there any place I can see the poem for the united way? Didn't find it on google.

    love you,

    1. Pam,
      "Nocturnal Flight" is "wanting"!!! Love it!!
      I personally felt your defiance in the 3rd stanza!!
      Good Sonnet!!!

      arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor