Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Jewel Sunrise--By Suzanne Delaney--United States

Another Jewel Sunrise

Pink inks of dawn glow
through a dissolving fog
lifting botanical shadows
alive with enchanting birds.
Rustling leaves
stir the world awake.

Over the horizon a bustling
city throbs,
a million or more people
going to their jobs,
missing this quiet solitude.

Radios thump. They drive
bumper to bumper,
eyes glued to the freeway.

Another jewel sunrise slips
right by them.

Suzanne Delaney was born in Tasmania and, now lives in Hawaii.
A retired Registered Nurse she enjoys her time to be creative
and to write about life around her.  More of Suzanne's poetry is available at http://pixordia.pages.qpg.com/


  1. You have beautiful imagery within your poem, as well as sound and emotion... a pleasure to read this poem for you. Did enjoy very much. God bless

    Sincerely, Christina

  2. Thank you Andrea Dietrich for the following comment--

    For Suzanne: Suzanne, you are a poet whose free verse style I have appreciated for years now. I especially enjoy the imagery you employ in your work, and this poem is a prime example of
    the meaningfulness of your words.

  3. This is a lovely well written poem, enjoyed reading it very much and will look forward to reading more of you work.

  4. Dear Suzanne,

    Thank you for stopping by to leave comments on others' poetry. Your encouraging words will be appreciated. Blessings to you for your kindness. Thank you also for sharing your wonderful poem with us. Keep up the good writing.


  5. Thank you everyone:
    ....for all your nice comments.
    You make it pleasant to be here.

  6. Thank you, John W. (Bill) Williams, for the following comment:

    Very nice poem. How sad that this beauty of nature is so often unseen. It is so true that many people are too connected to the material world to appreciate God's creations.