Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flower--By Hajo Isa--Nigeria


To be a flower
Bathing in the shine of day
Watching a sky of strange beauty
Sail by

To be a flower
Filling the birds with glee
Lost in a flurry of beating wings
Touching the wind

To be a flower, of scented warmth
Courting the sun in a blue river of air

To be a flower,
An opulent wildness
On a stretch of field and fantasy.

Hajo Isa is a Nigerian author and poet.  Her first collection of poems was released in 2012, titled Shadow Fall, by AMG Publishers.  Many of her poems have been published in numerous anthologies.


  1. The use of metaphors in poetry is a delight. You have a lovely subject here.... I love the repetitive line... To be a flower.... I really did enjoy your poem a lot. Sincerely, Christina

  2. I enjoyed reading this is bright and cheerful. Will look forward to reading more from you.

  3. A delightful read....
    I loved all the reasons to be a flower.

  4. A truly wonderful poem, that is able to paint a picture in the heart, body and spirit. There is nothing I love more than picture poems and flowers are one of God's greatest graces. Hajo thank you for brightening up my day! Love Jane

  5. What a beauty. A flower in the wind - such an image.