Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Tear--Kevin Bates--United States

A Tear

His heart is burning
like the evening sun.

Wipes a tear…
as he hears his mother’s
and her daughters’ voices

Kevin Bates is an avid reader. You will find him reading everyday books of non-fiction or poetry online. He loves family, sports, reading and writing poetry. He has one handsome son and grandson. He hopes to one day be published, bring a smile, and help many through his poetry. He lives outside Houston, Texas and can find him reading or writing right now.


  1. Lots emotion, Kevin...your few words convey so much

    Jan x

  2. Thank you, Sara Kendrick, for the following comment--

    Emotive and expressive work..Uniquely creative..Sara Kendrick

  3. Full of emotion from one's heart. Simple words that give one much to think upon. Sad, but nice work Kevin...

    Rhoda Galgiani