Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ode To Nature--By Connie Marcum Wong--United States

Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you glorious Sun,
You instinctively know what must be done.
I bask in your warmth to gain energy,
Marvel how you raise up each plant and tree.

You, gracious Moon ever watchful at night
Even aware when your eye is closed tight.
You sway our emotions, also the sea;
Cause turmoil at times or tranquility.

I love you Earth and all of your creatures.
There's joy in knowing you are our teachers.
I will, to treat you with respect and care
And pray that the world will become aware

When we poison you, we poison us too.
Keeping you balanced will grow life anew.
We are blessed with Earth, sea, wind and fire;
Ether, divine, our longing desire

Helps us to treasure our blessings on Earth
And love that's bestowed when given our birth.
So embrace loyal Sun and moody Moon
As sweet Nature sings her loveliest tune.

Connie Marcum Wong has been the Web Mistress of a private poetry forum Poetry for Thought since October 1999. Her poetry has been in many publications, anthologies, magazines, and e-zines over the years. She published her first poetry chapbook, Island Creations in 2005. In 2007, Heart Blossoms was published. In January 2010, an anthology, A Poetry Bridge to All Nations, was published by Lulu Enterprises, Inc. Connie created the 'Constanza' poetry form in 2007 and Con-Verse form in 2010. She has resided with her husband in Hawaii since 1980.


  1. Dear Connie, it's so nice to read your work again. I especially like the way you described how the moon affects not only our emotions, but the seas as well. Like you, I hope people become more aware of nature's blessings and work harder to preserve or planets environmental integrity. Beautiful work, Connie! Aloha from Carolyn Devonshire

  2. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    what a beautiful poem, love the message

  3. Wonderful message - it is a sin how humans destroy our earth and her inhabitants. It seems we take her for granted, never fearing that she might not be there on day...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. A 'green' poem with a warning message that all should heed, Connie. I hope Nature is allowed her sway before it is too late. Great thoughts so well written.

    Jan x

  5. Important message, well expressed, moving... Terry

  6. Dear Connie,

    Thank you for all the words of encouragement you sent for other writers today. It is people like you that make Whispers possible. It's a joy to share your poetry too, as you are such a talented writer. Keep your light shining my friend.


  7. You certainly have your share of "love that's bestowed when given our birth"! Thank you for the reverent nature of this poem. It's so refreshing and uplifting. I am grateful.

    Michele Leslie

  8. A really stunning piece of work, if only everyone felt the same as you do, very well expressed. just how I feel too. take care best wishes. Peter Dome.