Thursday, August 1, 2013


What a blessing it is to be a part of the writing community! Those that have placed ads are welcome to add additional information in the comments section.  People having questions or comments, may use the comment section or contact the writers/editors at websites or email addresses provided.  (Deadline for September ad column is August 25)


        Cindy Evans
        Donna Wallace
        David Fox

Please welcome them to our community.  We now have representatives from the following countries--Australia, Canada, Canary Islands, England, France, Germany, India, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States and Wales.  Thank you to anyone who has been a part of this journey.                             --Sincerely,  Karen


jani johe webster's daughter, Nila, speaks to how her mother introduced her to the magic of creativity that lives within all of us.  The youtube link is

Rhoda Galgiani released Expressions From the Inside Out, a book of poetry in 2011. Rhoda's second book is a Child's Story entitled No Snow for Johnny in 2012. Both books are published by APF Publisher. They have received good reviews and is available online at and (search book titles or author's name at the appropriate website) or contact Rhoda at:

Brian Strand published his kindle e-book, Samuel Rutherford Phrasis, in July. A Phrasis is a structured verse where the poet uses selected prose phrases of another writer (not a poet) to compile unique poetry from as a tribute to, the word phrasis is Greek for phrase. Brian’s e-book is available on Amazon.  The link to his blog is

Patricia Nolan announces the release of her latest book Western Brushsrokes, a collection of haiku and Japanese ink art. Contact: or the book may seen at and ordered from:

Karen O’Leary released Whispers, her first book of poetry in 2011, published by APF Publisher.  It has been getting good reviews and is available at online at (Search Whispers under Karen O'Leary) or contact Karen at


Please consider supporting The Pen, The Jokester, and Creative Inspirations by sending stamps or other small donations to help with postage.  Thank you for considering this.                                                                                              ---Karen

Arthur C. Ford, poet/editor of The Pen (Poetry Newsletter) is looking for new subscribers and submissions. See information (click on guidelines).

Jean Calkins, editor: The Jokester, 2 pages of clean jokes free by email monthly, a forever stamp by snail mail (monthly or quarterly). Help bring smiles to shut-ins by contributing forever stamps. Even one stamp helps. Jean Calkins, 260 4th St., Waynesville, NC 28786-3762.

Maurice J. Reynolds, the editor of the poetry publication Creative Inspirations, is seeking poetry 20 lines or less for his print magazine. Complete guidelines are available at  Stamps or cash donations would be appreciated to help with mailing costs.

Whispers is always looking for new writers to join our community.  Please send family friendly poems 20 lines or less to  Complete guidelines posted 1/21/2013.  Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the site.

Ads are placed by the underlined names.  Whispers has not verified the accuracy of all the information. 


  1. Dear Whispers Readers,

    I would appreciate any feedback you can give me on this column. Is it worthwhile continuing? Thank you for your input.


  2. Hi Karen, I had not been able to find the ads since I thought they would have been above the latest poetry where the announcements and guidelines were. Maybe that is why you have received no comments as of yet, people did not know where to look? I just found them and think they are worth reading as they give people several opportunities to buy other books or publish their own. Love Jane

  3. Dear Jane,

    You make a good point. I should have probably put guidelines first instead at the end of the statement. I will change that. Thank you for your input.


  4. I think the Ad Section is beneficial, but again not all may comment. I believe though people will read it if they find it. A suggestion: you might want to put the Link for the Ad Section at the top of the page before the poetry. That way people will see it easier and might comment more...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  5. Dear Rhoda,

    Thank you for your input. Will contact you by email to see how I go about setting up the link. I didn't know that was possible for individual posts.


  6. Karen, there is no gainsaying the fact that the aforementioned adverts are important because they give us information about publication opportunites available here and there, and the literary achievements of other community members. In essence, all these elements serve to inspire people, and even attract them to the site. They make us better writers, they bring us together, they market us and our craft.

    To this end, l urge fellow members to send congratulatory messages to people who have done something special. Let us celebrate with those who have won writing awards, published books or even joined Whispers. This is the beauty of writing. l have my favourite phrase:it is right to write...

  7. Dear Ndaba,

    What a bright light you are! Yes, writing is a shared experience and encouraging others enriches our own lives. I rejoice in the achievements of others because getting there sometimes is a process that involves a lot of work. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.


  8. Thank you, Maurice Reynolds, for the following comment--

    Hi Karen. I think the Ad Column, although probably slower than you would like, does impact readers. Through your ad column, there have been several people submitting poetry to C.I.(Creative Inspirations). Also, I just got a $5.00 dollar donation from a person who also submitted some poetry, so it is effective. The ultimate decision is yours and I respect whatever decision you make. Thanks for all you do for this ministry and publication.

  9. Dear Maurice,

    Thank you for your encouraging comment. I am going to try and explain this column better when I send out my next email notification. I appreciate your input and the input of others. Blessings to you for your ongoing support.