Friday, August 9, 2013

Somewhere--By Jane Richer--Canada


Now there is a place in the silken webs of logic where somewhere does reside,
but the tangled dreams of my existence; remain hidden somewhere deep inside.
I've researched the truth of my essence and it is probable that I do exist,
but to what capacity and somewhere it is clear but now it remains in mist.

My parents are part of somewhere; but now my Dad is somewhere lurking in my past,
He died and has gone somewhere, where the angels welcome his walk at last.
My somewhere is still an uncompleted journal, one more page I reach to turn,
in the scribblings of my life; in joy and sorrow, I'll stretch some more to learn.

All of us have infinite somewheres of noisy whispers through a chaotic, mundane life,
some people sharing another's somewhere, but soon leaving for a husband or wife.
I try to change my somewhere at least every two years so it doesn't get stale,
then backtrack to my somewhere, looking for breadcrumbs down that familiar trail.

Now the logic behind my ramblings, is found somewhere in the recesses of my mind,
If I've confused you somewhere, relax; for I myself am seeking someone unique in kind.
The Designer of such an incredible, advanced mechanism as my very mind and soul,
and what lies along that incredulous journey; are the missing pieces to make me whole!

Jane Richer is a poet and writer who lives in Alberta, Canada and is so far published only online. She loves to poke fun at herself and rather likes to write tongue-in-cheek poetry but she will dabble in all kinds of genres to widen her creative nature. She loves to 'sister'- (write a complimentary poem) and feels that is the greatest form of acknowledgment and respect in expression for another poet's talent.


  1. Thank you, Helen Dowd, for the following comment--

    Hello Karen...Please tell Jane thanks for sharing her poetry. Because she is a fellow-Albertan (my place of birth and growing up), I read her poem. Please tell her to keep writing.

  2. Thank you, Jack Horne,for the following comment--

    Jane-clever write

    1. Thank you Jack for saying this poem was clever, that is the first time I have ever heard that. :D Love Jane

  3. Thank you to Helen, yes I will keep writing, I love it so! Love Jane

  4. Jane,
    I like your use of iambic/trochee stresses(long meter).
    Not many poems are written using such.
    It makes one want to re-read it,thinking that some subject matter was overlooked.

    good stuff!!!
    arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor:;

  5. Dear Jane,

    Thank you for sharing your words and for all the kind comments you left for other writers today. It is people like you that make Whispers possible. What a blessing your support and encouragement are.


  6. Thank you, Gerald Heyder, for the following comment--

    Thanks for enjoying my limerick! Your poem, "Somewhere", is quite profound! This work has something for everybody to think about! Everyone has some kind of somewhere!

  7. Dear Jane, Love your write! A lot of deep thought went into it and makes it exceptional to me! Thank you for the warm welcome to Whispers! Love, Audrey