Thursday, August 1, 2013

East Wind--By Gert W. Knop--Germany

East Wind

Misty veils

And yet

you hardly

see the trees.
And from the distance

east wind blows
across the country,
driving clouds

which I first

seemed so bright,
but now I see them

dark and heavy,
with east wind

blowing steady

in early morning light

Gert W. Knop, born in 1943, studies art and tropical agriculture in Germany and Scotland (University of Edinburgh). He has lived in many different countries and writes mainly in German, English and Spanish. He currently resides in Zittau (Saxony), Germany.


  1. Dear Gert, when I read this, I felt like I was standing beside you watching the "East Wind" moving the clouds rapidly at dawn. I'm so glad you are publishing here. I've missed your work and our communications. Awesome poem! Love, Carolyn Devonshire

  2. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    awesome descriptions here, Gert

  3. the power of nature. beautifully observed. you make writing look so easy! enjoyed the format too. best wishes ralph.

  4. A powerful write, Gert...I wonder if the east wind is a metaphor for something else, as it is bringing dark clouds with it? A wonderful read.

    Jan x

  5. This well-crafted poem is blowing steady in my imagination. It is memoriable and enjoyable. Let it blow on and on...

  6. Wonderful write well done. best wishes. Peter Dome.