Saturday, July 5, 2014

Builder Blues--By Jack Horne--England

Builder Blues

The builders are driving me crazy,
Although they are nice and not lazy,
But the progress is slow
And I want them to go -
Completion dates seem pretty hazy.

They chatter non stop all the day;
I’m trying to keep out the way,
As the banter is fun,
But the work isn’t done:
If only they had less to say.

I listen and stifle a sigh,
And wish it was time to say, ‘Bye’,
But I hate to offend,
And I know it must end…
…Or will they be here ’til I die?

Jack Horne enjoys reading and writing poetry.


  1. Ha, ha! Jack, you poem makes me laugh because I can dearly "feel" the impatience. It must seem like an eternity! Very funny! Can't wait to feature you on my pages......... Sheri /

  2. I can fully understand your frustration, Jack! even if you have the ability to 'suffer' it with a dose of humour! enjoyable write. // paul

  3. Dear Jack,

    My friend, you have such a great sense of humor! Although I know it's frustrating when you wish it was done yesterday but sometimes all you can do is go with flow. I hope all goes well and things are resolved soon!

    Love Sandra

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth Winchcombe, for the following--

    Would you be kind enough to tell Jack Horne I love his poem about the Builders. We've all been there at some time in life. His rhyming is so good. Well done Jack.

  5. Jack, that is hilarious! We have all been in that
    situation makes a person want to jump in and
    finish the job themself! Mary

  6. Very cleverly thought out and written - good job you don't live here in Wales mind, for at least yours have turned up - as instead here you would get I'll be there in a minute /Monday and they'll then turn up 6 weeks later! What with all the mess that goes with it its a Godsend when it's all completed - think of the end result... Enjoyed my visit!

  7. Very funny, Jack... unfortunately too true... ;-))

  8. Hi Jack. This is a funny and witty poem. It made me chuckle a couple of times. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  9. Oh, haven't we all gone through this phase! :) The subtle humour has been brought out quite effortlessly :)

  10. Jack, I loved our poem. On first reading it was quite funny. Yet at the second reading I was reminded of the not so funny situation I am living in with my bipolar son and husband who both suffer from PTSD. They are both trying to rebuild their lives after suffering major traumatic events. Every word could apply in my distressful state at times and I too wonder if will end or not before I die. I guess the secret to my relief is to keep looking on the funny side of it all instead of the seriousness. Thanks for the smiles and the reflection and the answer to my dilemma as I have pondered your talented words.
    Love, Charlene.

  11. Dear Jack,
    I know this poem is releasing some of the angst you've been experiencing with Dave and his friend working on your home for such a long time. Still, you never fail to keep your sense of humor. What a delightful quality you have in all of your writes. This is superb!
    Love you,

  12. Thank you, Gerald Heyder, for the following--

    Hi Jack! Your poem in "limerick form" is a great piece demonstrating frustration of workers who have a hammer for a tongue and a tongue for a hand. Great poem!