Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Madoff--By Sheri Stanley--United States


His winning smile enticed the elite
Rubbing elbows was never so sweet
One hand in your pocket
The other to hock it
All that schmoozing came just like a treat

Ol’ Madoff, he made off with the cash
So comfy never needed to dash
He bought all this and that
Live in vets for his cat
Sitting high on his throne with your stash

Now they’re askin’, say, what’s in a name?
One that points directly to the blame
Never had it so good
Robbing one’s neighborhood
Madoff, king of the sham, what a shame!

Sheri is an artist, song writer and poet. She is also a graphic and digital book illustrator. A citizen of the United States she enjoys golf and music and quiet evenings at home with her much cherished family.  Her website is


  1. Hi, Karen! Thanks for posting this limerick! I think it is hilarious - ha, ha! Of course, I would since I wrote it! To me there is a lot of irony in the title name and the limerick totally defines it........... I totally LMAO every time I read it......... . Hope others enjoy it, too - thanks again, Karen, you're the greatest! Sheri www/

  2. Dear Sheri,

    Thank you for sharing your talent for Whispers and for you kind words. Your ongoing support and encouragement mean a lot to me. Wishing you the best.


    1. Thanks, Karen! Smile - I am responding to this so it will seem that I have more comments than I do! Ha, ha............ you really are a super sweetheart! Sheri

  3. Hi Sheri,

    I was laughing at the Madoff too lol. Your limerick was spot on, Sheri! You did a great job of highlighting this low life. Bernie - madoff with a lot of money from those people he scammed and for so long too he should have and could have been caught a lot sooner than he was.

    Love Sandra

    1. Yes, you are right! What a slug! This scammer is so pathetic and really, in reality, this limerick is way too nice for such a devil in sheep's clothing!!! Thanks, Sandra for taking a moment to comment. I really appreciate it! Sheri /

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Sorta, kinda, hits the nail right on the old head, eh? Boy! That guy got away with a sheister's masquerade party and he was IT! It is amazing what he got away with! Thanks, so much, Terry for your comments! Awesomely said! Sheri /

  5. Thank you, Zona Lawrence, for the following--

    I enjoyed the read and it's all too true. I also like the style you used. nice work blessings zona

  6. Oh, those/these limericks can tend toward being cynical and nasty! That is what I love about them! Syllable wise, it is 9, 9, 6, 6, 9, 9 - that is according to Hoyle. But, people to tend to write them in their own ways, which is really creative to me, because they still balance the read to turn out just right! Hope to see you perhaps try one of these. They are really fun! We had a crude creditor harassing us one time and I wrote a limerick about him and I never heard from him again! Ha, ha! I think it was titled "Sucking Blood From A Turnip" or "Pariah" or "Snake In The Grass or some such - anyway, he vanished from the scene.......... I still laugh about it..... I may be full of positive energy, and I may be petite, but I have a hidden mean streak..... smile .......... sometimes it can be a good thing! Zona, thanks much! This comment to your comment may be way too much information - just having a little fun answering you............. just remember the syllable count for the limerick and you'll do fine! Thanks, hon! Sheri

  7. Hi Sheri. I like this. I even had a chuckle with a smile on my face reading it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Continued blessings! -MJ

  8. Oh, that is grand to hear, Maurice! I love to hear laughter! It is so refreshing! Thank you! Sheri

  9. Well done Sheri. much enjoyed. Best wishes. Pete.

  10. Peter, I do so appreciate your stopping by to offer your fine comments on Whispers! Thanks so much! Sheri /

  11. The Mad immortalized....His Court of Shammed Shame is evident....
    Keep these coming! You have a wonderful crafty knack for the glib word....
    This one was amusing!!!!
    Brightest Blessings to you and yours!

  12. Hey, thank you! Hope you checked out our collab. That was fun, wasn't it? Look forward to another joint venture someday........ thanks for the kind remarks, my friend! Love you! Sheri /

  13. Sheri,
    There used be a wink throw freewebs because I never donated any money.
    David Fox.

  14. There used to be a link but it is no gone because. a I never donated any money .love/romance, nature, ,children's poetry. I have been published=by Maurice Reynolds, Arthur C. Ford, Sr, John W. (Bill)l Williams,\are some ef poetry I take Mail to: ad in the listing. or check out Poet's Market at a local major bookstoere or library. Please send me think and - again so I know how to submit more poems.
    and e-mail as I accidentally deleted it.

  15. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following--

    Sheri: LOL, thanks for the chuckles with these funny limericks

  16. Oh, A good laugh is sooooooo good for the soul! Eh? Wink! Love you! Sheri /

  17. Sheri, we know a lot of good people that were taken by this guy. What a shame! Good write.

  18. Hey, Thanks for commenting, Mary. I wondered if you'd seen this limerick dedication to whomever - is it to, Madoff himself, or to all his victims? Hmmm! Really, thanks for the great moral support! Sheri /

  19. Thank you, Eleanor Michael, for the following--

    With humor, I think you covered the man's character well. Like the rhythm, rhyme and imagery. Hope someone is caring for the cat now.

  20. Thank you, Suzanne Clement, for the following--

    An interesting way to describing a very bad person, Sheri.


  21. Thank you, Gerald Heyder, for the following--

    Dear Sheri, thanks for your kind words! Your distinctive poem, "Madoff", reinforces my belief that a name is only as good or as bad as the person who has it.

  22. Hi Sheri:
    yes Madoff made off with the cash but as always justice finally prevails.
    The willing victims only had their greed to

    I enjoyed your entertaining limerick on his final downfall.
    Thanks for all you bring to Whispers,

  23. Thank you, Richard Sponaugle, for the following--

    Very good. I almost forgot Madoff, til this witty satire. It's like reading 3 excellent limericks in the same poem.

  24. Thank you, John Polselli, for the following--

    Hi Sheri, Your poem could be applied to many, sadly. I enjoyed it's directness. It would be difficult to write it any other way. Thank you for sharing it.

  25. Thank you, Barbara Siekierski, for the following--

    Very detailed account of what Mr. Madoff did to investors. Sheri reminds us that come people are greedy and not always honest.