Sunday, July 13, 2014

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Andrea Dietrich and Dave Wood--United States

All Your Ways

By Andrea Dietrich and Dave Wood

In my moonlight dream
I can't believe I'm really here
we’re dancing in a forest
You light my life when you're near
Green earth is our floor
Our steps are magic in this place
and moon beams - our disco ball
Stars all aligned - for loves embrace
while soft music is the night
Romantic whispers feel so right

You are clad in white
Now look deeper to the heart
My golden gown sweeps the ground
I was mesmerized from the start
My beautiful knight -
Princess shining in the day
Your bright eyes adore me as
I'm taken by all your ways
you twirl me among the trees
Dreamer's breath becomes love's breeze


  1. Andrea and Dave,
    Such a great romantic duet poem. I love it Welcome Dave to the site. I hope you post many more poems.!
    ~David Fox

  2. Wow, guys, this is excellent, romantic and pure. The poem is all embracing, unique and that last line is - Oooo la la! We all know when we have that "special dream" - smile........... ah, the dream, where almost always there is perfection! Beautiful collab, two great hearts doin' their thing! A wonderful read! Sheri www/

  3. Yes, forgot to Welcome Dave to Whispers! Dave, you will find that being a part of Whispers is fun, inspiring, and you'll be so amazed at the postings you will read here. Welcome to Whispers! Sheri /

  4. Dear Andrea and Dave,

    This is an amazing poem. It is such a pleasure to have it featured here at Whispers. Glad to see you are already getting comments. Welcome to our online journal Dave! I hope you enjoy your time spent here.

    Best wishes,

  5. Thank you, Shloka Shankar, for the following--

    This poem has such a fairytale-like feel to it and the concluding lines made me smile :) Absolutely eloquent and mystical :) Great job!

    "I'm taken by all your ways
    you twirl me among the trees
    Dreamer's breath becomes love's breeze"

  6. Thank you, David Austin, for the following--

    Congrats to Andrea and Dave, At 85 I can dream right along with you. Love, Dave Austin

  7. Thank you, Beth Winchcombe, for the following--

    This is mystical, magical and special. Written from the heart, where true love begins. Two writers on the same level, complimenting each other.

  8. Another nice collaboration. I have enjoyed them all. Congratulation to you, Andrea and Dave for a nice write. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  9. Dear Andrea and Dave,

    A beautiful collaboration by both of you to catch the moments in a magical, romantic dream. You work very well together and hope to see future collaborations by both of you.


  10. Hi Andrea & Dave! This is a harmonious collaboration that blends so very well. Beautiful enchanting atmosphere you managed to create. Well done to both! // paul

  11. You two make beautiful music (poetry) together. I love the journey this took me on and where I ended up in the romantic breeze. Just beautiful! Welcome Dave! I think you and Andrea melded your styles wonderfully in this romantic piece!

  12. I really enjoyed reading your beautiful collab, Andrea and Dave! It definitely leaves such a dreamlike and mystical feel in my mind and I really liked how you each wrote your part in a fluid manner, complementing each other wonderfully! You both put in very lovely imagery in your lines :)

  13. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following--

    Andrea and Dave - great co-write