Sunday, July 6, 2014

God’s Timing--By Anne R. C. Neale--United States

God’s Timing

God plans for the timing of the blooming of flowers,
And tree buds and tree blossoms, too, which are great you see.
There's never a time that something does not bloom.
God thinks the best things for you and me.

God has the leaves on the trees mature full force
To hide bird nests with nestlings, baby birds are in them.
March winds make the tree limbs and branches safe for bird nests that's true.
April showers help seeds and buds mature, God knows what is best. Amen.

God's timing is perfect, He thinks of you all the time.
We take it for granted which is not a good thing.
Be sure to look at each season as God "times", something to come.
He is our God who" times" every thing, the Almighty King.

Anne R. C. Neale is 85 years old.  She taught outdoor education for 20 years.  Anne still works at school as crossing guard.   She has sent six free poems daily to 165 people for the past 18 years. She been writing poems since the age of 8 and has all of them in albums.  She resides in New Jersey .


  1. Anne, I love your poem. God is in perfect balance at all times. It is we, the people, who become out of sync with the natural flow of life...... at which time, pardon the expression, but, "all hell breaks loose"! I also think I must take a more positive attitude toward "winter" - which has been my nemesis, actually, because I totally despise winter! But, so now we bring up that "sync" thing and the "balance" thing - learning to "go with the flow" - is quite an important feat in this life. Your poem gives much to think about.......... Sheri

  2. Anne,you are right we do take a lot of this beauty
    he has set before us need to thank our Lord everytime we see what he has created for us.

  3. What a beautiful message in your poem Anne. The Lord is in control of everything! What a great joy for me to read your poem, for I'm a believer & follower of the Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for sharing your inspiring words..Chris PS...I also reside in New Jersey!

  4. At the end of the day we are but tools and only a part of each chapter in the book of life... a beautiful reminder of where we stand in the picture... Good to read you.

  5. Peaceful and refreshing. One of those, "right on time" poems. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    Tim, thank you for this reminder that many things we go through pale in comparison to what Job and others go through. Nice write. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  6. Lovely word pictures, so many things people don't even notice in their busy, busy lives, the wonderful creation of God, and such small things sometimes impart such pleasures if one only truly sees. Nicely done!