Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Hank, Did You Just--By Tim Ryerson--United States

Hey Hank, Did You Just -

hi-jack my haiku?
Hah! You hi-jacked the wrong ku
You stole a senryu

I hide my haikus
safe and sound beneath silly...
senryus such as this

Hark and heed this Hank!
Stealing somebody’s senryu
is scandalous BUT

heisting haikus or
holding a haiku hostage
Have you no heart, Hank?

Tim Ryerson is a published poet from Ponchatoula, Louisiana who retired from the printing business in 2011. He began writing in the 80’s but did not take it seriously until 2001 after the untimely death of his then 21 year old son. He does not have a ‘signature style’ but prefers writing different forms of poetry. Many of his poems use southern slang and Cajun dialect. He also enjoys writing humorous poems, especially limericks and senryu and was among the winners in the latest Humor Press writing contest with his entry “Emergency Rooms Just KILL me.”


  1. Godzilla has just landed at Whispers! Was Hank just borrowing it ha ha! Enjoyed your write. Keep being original, best wishes Ralph.

  2. Cleverly intricate word 'juggling'... well done!!

  3. Wow, Tim, I am totally impressed with your clever Senryu/Haiku, and your total masterful assembly of words and focus! Your Senryu is perfecto and since Haiku focuses totally on nature and spiritual, you have not only cleverly presented Senryu here but you also clarify its meaning and intent, add some great humor and voila! A very successful, interesting and unique venture! Love it! Sheri Hope to read much more of your work!

  4. Lol, Tim. Nice. Very, very creative and fun. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  5. Hi Tim. Enjoyed your humour and the play on distinctive traits between haiku and senryu. Cleverly done! // paul

  6. Dear Tim,

    A very clever write and your sense of humor shines in this poem. An enjoyable read!


  7. A great poem to make me smile at the end of my busy day! Thank you for the cheeky cheer Tim. Blessings for a wonderful holiday, Connie