Monday, November 3, 2014

Nature’s Confessional, A True Sonnet--By Sheri Stanley--United States

Nature’s Confessional, A True Sonnet

I find myself in awe the old Oak tree
Which seems to stand there questioning to me
I hear my voice out loud ‘tis I to speak
Though some would say its volume far too weak

Empathy for plight of tree flows quite free
Without regret hacked down too greedily
Once held within its roots secrets so true
Years of Sundays bearing the finite clue

Enduring torture - progress shifts the blame
Wild bear and deer displaced, oh, what a shame!
Our God and Father blessed us - grand the gift
To teach us unity and to uplift

Mighty Oak, great granddaddy of them all
Nature’s confessional, buried in the fall

Sheri is an artist, song writer and poet. She is also a graphic and digital book illustrator. A citizen of the United States she enjoys golf and music and quiet evenings at home with her much cherished family.  Her website is


  1. I was standing near an oak tree when it was struck by lightning. The results were ugly. I thought, what a shame. There was no telling how many hard winters, dry summers and high winds this tree had withstood, and not fate has deemed it to be a lightning rod, which so often is the fate of the mighty oak... I enjoyed your poem, Sheri.

  2. Michael, thank you so much for your compassionate and heartfelt words. Your comments are so valued by me and I am so appreciative! I am so pleased to read your words. Sheri

  3. Hi Sheri. It is so good to read some more of your passionate poetry. You truly are a gifted poet and person as well. You sonnet, for me, reflects your words with meaning that can be related to pleasant memories in one's life. Although this oak met its end by lightening, the way you entwine the ways of nature still make the poem one of passion and tenderness. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings! -MJ

  4. Ah, thank you, my dear friend for your beautiful comments. Sheri

  5. Sheri:
    A beautiful tribute to Nature's plight at the hands of men.
    I grieve too every time I find a tree chopped down. The rude space where the branches once graced the sky really mocks our outrage.
    Thanks for sharing this gem,

  6. Thank you, SuZ ! I love it when GREAT minds agree! Smile.......... Yes, it is a sad contradiction, making mankind and life's creatures all the losers....... as we weave ourselves into ---- what? Self-destruction? Is this purely melodrama? Thanks again for your enlightening comments and thoughts! Sheri

  7. Dear Sheri,

    This is an excellent poem! I have the same sentiments as you wrote here and too much of our forests are being cut down in the name of progress and it will affect our future generations and that is a very sad thought unless companies become more conscious of what they are doing to the land we all live on. Well written and great imagery.

    Love Sandra

  8. A fitting tribute to the magnificent oak trees that abound in our land. I have a picture of one from my childhood that still stands in the middle of an old country road. It limbs cover almost 100 feet of ground giving shade to people and nature's inhabitants.
    Bob H

  9. beautiful sonnet, my friend - there's an ancient oak near us, which I just love

  10. You are one with nature in this tribute to the oak and plight of the wild animals Sheri.
    We need more poems like these that call attention to their peril. Holiday Blessings, Connie