Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sister--By David Fox--United States


There's a special bond between us
It's something no one else can take
For whomever gets between us
This bond shall never break.
It's like we've signed a contract,
In which the terms are "For Life":
To be there for your sibling
In good times and in strife.
Whatever shall become of us,
Whether it be famine, fortune, fame,
You'll always be my sister
And I'll love you just the same.

David has been published most recently in Smile, Poet's Digest, The Pink Chameleon, Creative Inspirations, Pancakes in Heaven, The Shine Journal, The Jokester, Weekly Avocet, Aphelion, Poet’s Expresso and Forte Green Literary Review. He publishes and edits The Poet's Art, a print journal that accepts family-friendly poetry.  Contact him at for more information.


  1. Hi David...I enjoyed your poem, & having a sister makes it even more meaningful to me. You've expressed my sentiments beautifully! Nicely written. Best Wishes~Chris

  2. Thanks, Christine, I love my sister!

  3. Hello, David! I am so proud to read your tribute to your sister. I love mine, they are so beautiful and the bond is endless, spiritual and so very embracing! I thank you for showing the depth of your soul and for all the love and respect you aren't afraid to show in your poem! Wow! Sheri /

  4. in my way of thinking David, "Families are forever" and your love for your sister will never end. What a lovely tribute to her. It is so touching to my soul. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Sincerely, Charlene

  5. Sheri and Charlene,
    It is very easy to love my sister as much as I do, my parents brought us up we should love and respect each other, no matter what. I am working on my 2nd children's book with her, I am writing the poems and she and my mother are doing the illustrating. I wonder if any other men can say the love their sister as much as I do.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  6. Nice work, David. I feel the same way about my sisters. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (