Saturday, November 15, 2014

Memories of Summer Rambles--By Marianne Szlyk--United States

Memories of Summer Rambles

A girl of the last century
along the bike path,
past the goldenrod
the spiky chicory,
and Queen Anne’s lace.

With a brick red anthology in her book bag,
she wishes she lived among the Romantics
walking twenty miles or more
through the car-free countryside.

Waiting for a walk light
in August’s brittle brilliance,
she remembers a minor poem
that her grandmother still recites from memory,
having learned it
by a river
brick-red with dye
at the beginning of the last century.

Every so often Marianne Szlyk thinks about taking a walking tour in England, but for now she is happy to explore the Washington, DC area. She recently published her first chapbook, Listening to Electric Cambodia, Looking Up at Trees of Heaven, at Kind of a Hurricane Press: Individual poems have appeared in print and online, most recently in Poppy Road Review, Flutter Poetry Journal, The Greensilk Journal, bird's thumb, The Blue Hour Literary Anthology Volume 3, and Literature Today. She also edits The Song Is..., a journal of poetry inspired by music.


  1. What a beautiful poem, Marianne! I love the depth of your thoughts and how easily they flow from your mind to your pen and paper. Sometimes thoughts are all jumbled and hard to define, but this poem finds a very personal and intimate reason to write and share and express a wonderful memory! If it seemed jumbled in your mind, it certainly exploded in a beautiful, sweet and musically emotional note. Sheri

  2. Thank you, Sheri. :) It was nice to see your comments first thing this morning.

  3. Dear Marianne,

    I am happy to see you already some lovely comments by Sheri on your wonderful poem. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.

    Warm regards,

  4. Thank you very much, Karen. :) I am!

  5. believe I have walked the same lovely paths - a good poem. ayaz daryl nielsen

  6. Marianne,
    A splendid poem. I like it a lot!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  7. Dear Marianne,

    Welcome to Whispers and I enjoyed reading your lovely poem today. Wonderful imagery and thoughts expressed as we traveled with you in your "Memories of Summer Rambles". Thank you for sharing your poetry with us.


  8. Hi Marianne. I enjoyed the memories of your splendid poem. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  9. Thank you, Sandra and MJ. These memories of summer are especially precious in November. Hope the cold and snow are not too bad where everyone is.

  10. Remarkable! In the scope of life, we often have issues understanding the feelings that cascade through us - yet, in this poem, you proved how masterful you are with words and in describing the indescribable. Loved how subtle you were in detailing the process of walking.

  11. Thank you so much, Holly. :) I have fond memories of my walks around Eugene, OR.