Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Ocean and Me--By Tom Davis--United States

The Ocean and Me

I love the Ocean

the sound of waves
thrashing the shore

the crunch of wet sand
under bare feet

the smell of seaweed
and baked on suntan oil

the taste of salt water
up my nose

I also love the Smokies

but my heart belongs
to the sea

In his younger years, Tom Davis served as a Special Force Combat Diver. It seems to him that he spent more time on, in, and under the water than as a landlubber. This and other adventures he has written about in his memoir, The Most Fun I Ever Had With My Clothes On: A March From Private to Colonel. http://www.oldmp.com/davismemoirs


  1. Hi Tom. It is an honor to be the first to say that I enjoyed "The Ocean and Me." The charm and illustration are wonderful. You can see - not just read - your passion in this poem. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for your service. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  2. Lovely poem, Tom. The pictures you paint appeal to the senses and give life to your write. I well relate to this, seeing that I live surrounded by sea and I enjoy pleasant hours on the beach or swimming. Thank you for sharing. // paul

  3. I enjoyed your poem Tom... I love the ocean, and couldn't imagine not living within a short distance from it! Grew up on Long Island, NY...Thank you also for your service! ~Chris

  4. We all look to the sea! Happy poem. Enjoyed! Ralph

  5. Tom,

    I enjoyed reading your very expressive and descriptive work..It describes the ocean experience so well as one who loved to be in it and close to it..


  6. Hi, Tom, it is always pure joy to read the passion that spills from your pen! Sheri

  7. Excellent Tom, such great imagery and passion for the sea. Bob H

  8. Dear Tom,

    I enjoyed reading what you love about the ocean and how it makes you feel. Wonderfully written!