Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aftermath--By Tim Ryerson--United States

Aftermath -

tree frogs are singing
to orange-black tinted clouds
against purple sky

set in the foreground
an A-Frame rooftop peeks out
between long-leaf pines

further off due south
thunder still rumbles and rolls,
threatening the peace

a single raindrop
draining from the carport roof
tickles down my nose

the sight and the sound
of the eternal present
in the perfect now

Tim Ryerson is a published poet from Ponchatoula, Louisiana who retired from the printing business in 2011. He began writing in the 80’s but did not take it seriously until 2001 after the untimely death of his then 21 year old son. He does not have a ‘signature style’ but prefers writing different forms of poetry. Many of his poems use southern slang and Cajun dialect. He also enjoys writing humorous poems, especially limericks and senryu and was among the winners in the latest Humor Press writing contest with his entry “Emergency Rooms Just KILL me.”


  1. Deep...and evocative. August has been one of my best months on Whispers as I'm reading fascinating works including this. I am thrilled.

  2. Hi Tim. This is a very in-depth creative poem. I love how you mesh the "tree frogs with orange-black tinted clouds and purple sky." Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    MJ (

  3. Hi Tim...I enjoyed reading your descriptive poem. Nice work...Good wishes, Chris~