Saturday, August 29, 2015

She was a Warm Summer--By Keith O. J. Hunt--Canada

She was a Warm Summer

I remember her.....
   many a dreamy summer ago;
   as a flower which blooms
      in beauty all the more each day;
No hues of her could I create
   such wondrous ways
    walking with me
       in some invisible world.....
       with she,
       on some ancient beach ----
       some carpet to infinity;
A sphere so endless ----
       it barely began.....
       as a kiss most sweet,
       it must leave to dull-time,
       as a rose which wilts away to tears.....
But I kissed her again.....
       'neath a lunar lamp,
       a soft tide to tickle our toes,
       beside beauty which blooms all the more each day...... 

Keith O. J. Hunt is a Classic-Romantic poet who generally prefers the older styles which he finds the greatest way to express his thoughts. He loves people, nature, spirituality and all things beautiful. Keith lives in Ottawa, Canada and has been writing poetry for 15 yrs.

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  1. Hi Keith...Lovely poem, & there's definitely a romantic flair in your writing. Thanks for sharing. Good wishes, Chris~