Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shopping Question--By Suzanne Clement--United States

Shopping Question

I brought some cream of rice at the store
Because I found I needed some more.
It’s on a shelf quite high.
And so I say, why
Can’t it be on a shelf nearer to the floor?

Suzanne Clement is a writer from Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. Hello Suzanne. I enjoyed "Shopping Question." I think that is a question we all ask ourselves at one point in our shopping lives. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  2. Hi Suzanne...Witty, & cute poem. I can relate because I'm not tall & always think about how convenient it would be for me if they'd put some items nearer to the floor! I usually look around for someone tall enough to assist me. Thanks for sharing! Good wishes, Chris~

  3. I am very tall but would like the prices to be much lower, pun intended. Cute concept with your Question.