Monday, August 3, 2015

Hashtag--By George L. Ellison--England


Why must I use a hashtag?
I never did at school
But when I go on twitter
It is the golden rule

Every sentence used to communicate
Is preceded by a hash
It isn’t like proper grammar
It makes my teeth constantly gnash

They say you only get noticed
When you use the hash prefix
But life is too short to bother
With ruining a language with such a mix

So carry on new century
Go on and have a blast
But I have no truck with the hashtag
I’ll stay in the century; the last!

George L. Ellison is a writer of poetry and  short stories. He as published two books called Poetic Reminiscences and Weaving Words.  George lives with his wife and dogs in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham in England. He is a member of The Writers and Poetry Alliance. He is currently working on his new project as well as learning to play the saxophone at the Sage Gateshead!


  1. Enjoyed your poem George - but, I am really behind in the times! Hashtag??? Will have to Google that one! LOL I don't Tweet either! Rhoda

    1. I'm pleased you liked my poem Rhoda I find twitter hard to get on with hence the poem the hashtag is that symbol on your phone that looks like you are about to play noughts and crosses or as you Americans call it tic tac toe!

  2. This is a brilliant write. I surely loved reading this awesome and tremendous poem this evening. You have enlightened me to the use of the wondrous hashtag. I love it, great work,


    1. You're more enlightened than I am Rusty Ha Ha Ha I find it the most frustrating symbol on the keyboard, thanks for reading and I'm pleased it brightened your day!

  3. Fun and nicely-written. Thanks for sharing, George. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

    1. The pleasure was all mine Maurice thank you for reading!...GLE

  4. Thanks for sharing your delightful poem George. Technology advances so rapidly it's hard to keep up. What's in today will be obsolete in a couple of years! Good wishes, Chris~

    1. I agree with all you say Christine I'm pleased you enjoyed my poem thanks for reading and for all of your kind comments!!!!