Saturday, July 6, 2013

A song for you--By Ranu Uniyal--India

A song for you

I love the crooked smile, the soft touch of your livid moustache
the crisp cotton pants that you often smear with red ink
the fingers happy as they play the harmonium
every thing about you is just not perfect
and that is what I like the most.

I love the dad that radiates within as you hold him in your arms
those stories you make and the verses with sentiments
the giggles that follow once you bend as a horse
or become a carriage with cartons of clothes
that is the time when you are just perfect.

Ranu Uniyal lives in Lucknow, India. Poetry keeps her going and is as much a part of her life as her love for humanity. She is a Professor of English at Lucknow University. She has two books of poems: Across the Divide and December Poems to her credit.


  1. Hi Ranu,

    A wonderful song of true love an enjoyable read!


  2. Hi Ranu, truly a delightful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us. Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  3. I love your last line - 'that is the time when you are just perfect'. Your words and thought touch many, I am sure. Such a grand feeling to have thoughts of 'perfect' memory that will remain forever...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. Ranu,
    Your work is so eloquent. This poem would be a perfect Father's Day present or for any occasion for him.
    David Fox

  5. Thanks a ton Julia, David Fox, Carolyn and Sandra. I am glad you have enjoyed the poem.