Monday, July 15, 2013

Photograph of a Red Wood Stump -- in Sepia--By Suzanne Delaney--United States

Photograph of a Red Wood Stump -- in Sepia

“The Stump Hotel,” has made a natural beauty look inglorious.
Like an amputee whose prosthesis could never recapture the
living limb or a whisper of its vitality.

A metal balustrade now mocks the space
where its trunk once soared toward the moon,
and the long stairway, and a sign and a doorway,
are fashioned from – the remains of a brother tree.

There is no answer for this desecration, but to make lightly of it.

Someone will lampoon and build a monument, to what?
Man’s stupidity, or perhaps this final mockery.
Making use of it all

Suzanne Delaney is a retired Registered Nurse. A resident of Hawaii, USA she was born in Tasmania. She now has time to pursue her passion for writing poetry, creating collages and for traveling.


  1. Good visual - last stanza is full of truth. Nice reading...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  2. Hi Suze -

    To desecrate a giant redwood sure gets my dander up.


  3. How well you have caught the unfeeling corporate attitude of the modern world, Suze. When will we ever learn that Nature knows best.
    Jan x

  4. Thank you all for you wonderful comments.
    The photograph that I based this on, can be seen here on my website.