Thursday, September 5, 2013

Winter's Rose--By Carolyn Devonshire--United States

Winter's Rose

white frost streaks her hair
smooth ice-sculpture skin of youth
    stroked by cracks
        wrinkles that have weathered life
            skin once firmly packed sags

in the mirror a figure she doesn’t recognize
    but she laughs
        budding spring beauty
            summer rose that danced through seemingly timeless evenings

restless rebellion came with fall
    withering, yearning

but winter, sweet winter
fills her heart with warm memories
    resignation, acceptance of a life well-lived
        a spirit that will never die

winter’s rose smiles, prepares for eternal life

Carolyn Devonshire is from Ormond Beach, Florida.


  1. Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you for all the lovely comments you left for other writers today and for sharing your wonderful poem. It is artistic on a number of levels, a creative experience. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support my friend. You are a gift to the writing community.


  2. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    Carolyn: beautiful sentiments

  3. Beautiful words as you bring it all together with your gentle pen. A peaceful moment of something good! I like this kind of moment Carolyn...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. Thank you, Dave Austin, for the following comment--

    I'll take a minute though to express my enjoyment of my dear friend, Carolyn Devonshire's poem, Winter's Rose. It spoke to my condition and gave solace. Love, Dave Austin

  5. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    Hi Carolyn, your poem was a lovely reflection on the seasons of life. I enjoyed reading it, well done, very touching! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    Hi Carolyn, I was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised on Long Island, New York, now residing in Toms River, Ocean County New Jersey since Nov. 1997... Never thought I'd live here, but it's really nice & we're only 10 miles from the ocean! Love the shore...So you are originally from New Jersey! It's a small world indeed. Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent poem as well. Hope to read more of your poetry! God Bless.

  7. Dear Carolyn,

    Great poem my friend, such a great description on the seasons of our lives told through your eyes.

    Love Sandra

  8. Hi Carolyn! Love your poem about life and its dance with time. I agree wholeheartedly that growing old, gracefully is the way to go! Nothing like a good attitude in spite of all that may come our way! Love you, Audrey

  9. Dear Carolyn -

    Would we all be so gracious and grateful to be alive in our "shadow" years. Winter's Rose shines with wisdom.


  10. Thank you, Suzanne Clement, for the following comment--

    What a fitting salute to an elderly woman, Carolyn. My mother is 91, and I help her a lot.

  11. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    I've not seen this beauty Carolyn. Placid and peace filled as well as an uplifting reality to be lived and savored is how I see your writings here.

    Bob D