Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Limericks--By Gerald Heyder--United States


Meet Moe the private detective
who is truly ineffective,
he wouldn’t know a clue
if it stuck to his shoe
so he’s called the “eye” that’s defective.

Joe bought a big fancy boat
with a hefty check he wrote.
It bounced like a ball
and that’s not all,
Joe’s big boat doesn’t float!

Let us pity poor Paul
who is simply no athlete at all,
try as he might
he can’t get a strike
using a square bowling ball.

Gerald Heyder is a published poet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  1. Gerald,
    Three vey funny limericks! The 3rd one is my favorite!

  2. Fun to read. I enjoyed this respite into laughter.

  3. Quirky. Good rhythm. I trod in some sticky putty yesterday and made a good imprint of a size twelve, so like the defective detective lol lol! Ralph

  4. Wonderful limericks Gerald. I enjoyed reading them, brought a smile to my face! Good wishes, Chris~

  5. Thank you so much, for the encouraging comments you left on Gerald's enjoyable limericks--David, Andrew, Peggy, Mary Jo, Ralph, and Christine. What wonderful gifts to send to him.

    Gerald, you are good at limericks as you can see by the wonderful response. Keep up the good writing!