Thursday, May 31, 2018

An Exploration--By Nuno Fatela--Portugal/The Netherlands

An Exploration

Striving for grace and light while stained
by clumps of mist that storm each breath
the forged inner explorer shines with confidence
the real one gasps alone and scared to death

Fear paints dark fogs beneath the shadows
and breathed air turns into choking hazards
the chamber of kindness bounds every touch
where feasts of thorns become a coat of feathers

A life with scars can recognize a wounded soul
the self that lives in multitudes uncrowned
stands submerged below the wandering masses
where he lives unaided and nowhere to be found

The soul strives to move inside the halls of hope
knowing of the right to exist among all men
but the body fights lost wars with mother nature
while the heart envisions battles with a pen

Nuno Fatela was born and grew up in sunny Lisbon, Portugal being inspired by the ocean. He left Lisbon for Amsterdam where he settled by the canals. He is a book lover dabbling in the world of poetry. When not writing, he likes to bike from museum to bookstore and back, looking for inspiration.


  1. sometimes life's an uphill battle, for sure - heartfelt write

  2. Nuno,
    A wonderful poem. I liked it! Welcome to the site!
    Your new friend,
    David Fpx

  3. A dear write, Nuno. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing, Continued blessings!


  4. Thank you, Nuno, for sharing your passionate poem with us. I can understand you can find the inspiration biking in the lively city of Amsterdam.


  5. Dear Nuno,

    Love the last line! Despite the challenges your vividly express, it's nice to have an element of hope too. Welcome to Whispers! Glad your poem is getting a warm response from other.


  6. Dear Nuno,
    I like this poem. I enjoyed your painting of fear. So true to me
    Knight Writer